There’s a place where the converted congregate – call it Fellowship Hall. Designed to remind one of a monastery, the Fellowship Hall is a place to gather and chat amongst friends while enjoying a pint of our unique brews. Much like our beer, the seven handmade farmhouse tables will remind you of a simpler time when artisans shared work with their neighbors.

To see what’s currently on tap, scroll to view the Fellowship Hall menu.

Taproom Hours
Sunday-Friday, 2-8 PM. Saturday 12-8 PM.

Currently Serving

The Rose

Belgian Blonde

A delicate amount of malted wheat and Belgian yeast bring out the banana and clove aromas. Slightly hazy, subtly spice and very refreshing.

5.4% ABV

The Special

Belgian Dubbel

A traditional monastic style abbey ale. Brewed with pilsner, aromatic and chocolate wheat malt. Rich malt character featuring stone fruit and raisin notes.

7.4% ABV

Forty Four Porter

Porter - American

Brewed with malt roasted in a coffee roaster, full of malty richness, coffee aroma and flavors. A dazzling personality with just a little bit of smoke that won’t quit.

4.8% ABV

Tennessee IPA

IPA - American

An IPA for the fly over states. Dry hopped with Huell Melon and Cashmere hops. Just a touch hazy with enough bitterness to balance the malty sweetness.

5.5% ABV

Five Points IPA

IPA - American

Full of grapefruit and pine notes in the nose, subtly caramel malt flavor and a crisp hop bitterness in the finish.

5.6% ABV


Summer Ale

Crisp and clean, bright as a summer morning. Brewed with a hint of rice and corn for a clean, crisp body.

4.9% ABV

Barrel Aged Ancient Ways

Belgian Quadrupel

Ancient ways aged in Blue Note Barrels for 8 months. Notes of brown sugar and plum give way to an amber accord and mulled wine.

10.0% ABV

$5 - GeminWE (Cask)

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Malt forward with a citrus flower finish

5.9% ABV

7th Day


The bouquet springs up like flowers and wither away; like fleeting shadows, to a mountain of caramel on the mouthfeel. Light and crisp finish shines through to round out this trinity of senses. ...and He fested on the seventh day from all His wort which He had brewed.

5.5% ABV

Sweet Marten

Brown Ale - Imperial / Double

Brown body with a Fluffy head. Notes of caramel and toffee.

7.5% ABV

Yacht To Know Better

Sour - Fruited

Collab with Black Abbey. Fruited Sour Ale. Tangerine and Cherry.

6.5% ABV