There’s a place where the converted congregate – call it Fellowship Hall. Designed to remind one of a monastery, the Fellowship Hall is a place to gather and chat amongst friends while enjoying a pint of our unique brews. Much like our beer, the seven handmade farmhouse tables will remind you of a simpler time when artisans shared work with their neighbors.

To see what’s currently on tap, scroll to view the Fellowship Hall menu.

Taproom Hours
Sunday-Friday, 2-8 PM. Saturday 12-8 PM.

Currently Serving

The Rose

Belgian Blonde

A delicate amount of malted wheat and Belgian yeast bring out the banana and clove aromas. Slightly hazy, subtly spice and very refreshing.

5.4% ABV

The Special

Belgian Dubbel

A traditional monastic style abbey ale. Brewed with pilsner, aromatic and chocolate wheat malt. Rich malt character featuring stone fruit and raisin notes.

7.4% ABV

Forty Four Porter

Porter - American

Brewed with malt roasted in a coffee roaster, full of malty richness, coffee aroma and flavors. A dazzling personality with just a little bit of smoke that won’t quit.

4.8% ABV

Tennessee IPA

IPA - American

An IPA for the fly over states. Dry hopped with Huell Melon and Cashmere hops. Just a touch hazy with enough bitterness to balance the malty sweetness.

5.5% ABV

Five Points IPA

IPA - American

Full of grapefruit and pine notes in the nose, subtly caramel malt flavor and a crisp hop bitterness in the finish.

5.6% ABV


Summer Ale

Crisp and clean, bright as a summer morning. Brewed with a hint of rice and corn for a clean, crisp body.

4.9% ABV

Grand Design

Belgian Tripel

Pilsner malt and flaked wheat finished with nobel German Saaz hops. 8.7% ABV this tripel is strong and bright, crisp and subtly spicy.

8.7% ABV

Princess Pale

Pale Ale - American

Expect a wonderfully complex, earthy scent with notes of Fir, Cedarwood and Splashes of Tangerine and papaya.

5.7% ABV


Pale Ale - American

Apparently when Lobsters loose a claw, they are called a cull, or at least that what New Englander Ben says. What we know for sure is that this crushable pale ale pairs nicely with salty coastal breeze and fresh lobster.

4.5% ABV

Down Cellar

Barleywine - American

Barleywine brewed with chamomile. Floral and sweet complimenting each other in an effort to relax and calm the senses.

8.7% ABV