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Donation Requests

Thanks for thinking of The Black Abbey Brewing Company as you plan your event. Please take a moment to read through these guidelines before you complete the below donation request form:
The Black Abbey places a priority on fellowship. We are proud to be a part of the Nashville Tennessee community and try to help support our neighbors where we can. We appreciate the great work that our not-for-profit community members do each day and would love to be able to support everything, but regrettably, we must sometimes decline requests, no matter how admirable the cause.
  • We require 60 days advance notice for all donations. We want to give every event we are involved with the best chance for success, which means we need time to plan. While 60 days is our minimum time requirement, additional time is always appreciated.
  • We only donate to registered 501(c) organizations and you will be required to submit a copy of your registration documents.
  • If your request is for beer you will need to provide us with a copy of your permit to serve as part of your request.
  • We do not sponsor sports teams, individual athletes, bands or golf outings.
  • We will not partner with schools, motorized sports or anything related to children. We take responsible marketing very seriously and do not think children, motorized vehicles and beer mix.
  • Our charitable focus is on heath and human service organizations.
Thank you again for considering The Black Abbey as an event partner. Please complete the following form:

Please provide a short description of what the following donation request is for.

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