Keg Sales:

The Black Abbey Brewing Company offers kegs of fresh beer for sale during Fellowship Hall hours (to individuals at least 21 years old, of course!).  If you are having a special event, a party, or have a kegerator and want to fill it with some of the freshest beer around you can buy direct from the brewery!

We offer kegs in 2 sizes:  15.5 gallons and 5 gallons.  15.5 gallon kegs hold approximately 165 12oz servings.  5 gallon kegs hold about 55 12oz servings.

Please email and we will get right back to you with pricing information and availability.

All deposits are refundable when kegs are returned in working condition.

All sales are final.


Monday: 330-800
Tuesday: 330-800
Wednesday:  330-800
Thursday: 330-800
Friday: 200-800
Saturday: 1200-800
Sunday: 1200-600

Keg FAQ:

How much beer do I need for my event?
A 5 gallon keg has 55 twelve ounce servings
A full size keg has 165 twelve ounce servings.
We don’t recommend full size kegs for your party unless you are expecting over 75 very thirsty friends!

What are my tapping options?
(1) Hand Pump:
We sell party pumps. They are $30 each (plus tax) and are yours to keep.  Hand pumps introduce air into your beer, which is not a good thing for long term use.  If you plan to empty the keg in one day, it’s a serviceable option. Pump taps can cause excessive foaming if not used properly, so it’s best if you designate someone to man the pump and keep things flowing.
(2) CO2 Tap:
An awesome piece of equipment. Dispenses beer flawlessly by displacing the beer with inert gas. Easy to use. If set up properly you can dispense your beer with no foaming. If you don’t drink all your beer today, keep it cold and it will be just as good tomorrow. The Black Abbey does not rent CO2 taps.  Please contact A Head For Profits at:
615-499-4197 for information about CO2 tap rentals.
Do I have to pay a Deposit?
We do require a $50 deposit per keg.  Your credit card will be charged when you pick the keg up and $50 will be refunded to you when you return the keg if it is not damaged.  If the keg is damaged you will lose your deposit, so be careful with them!
Can I buy Cups?
We do not have cups or keg buckets available for purchase or rental.  Good news is there are several grocery stores within 1 mile of the brewery.
I’m Ready!  How do I Place my Keg Order?
Please email to learn what beer we have available in what keg sizes and at what price, and then stop by during Fellowship Hall hours (listed above) and pick your keg up.  It’s that simple!
All keg purchases require the purchaser and all members of their party present to be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID (drivers license or passport) and a major credit card. Keg deposit, sale of beer and all appropriate taxes will be charged at the time of purchase.  $50 deposit per keg will be refunded upon return of the keg if it is not damaged.  All sales are final.